Is Herbal Medicine Better Than Allopathy ?

Whether herbal medicine is better or allopathic or not, this has been a topic of discussion for many years. So here we are going to give facts about why Natural herbal remedies or Herbal medicine is better than allopathic one;

benefits of Herbal Medicine.

The Herbal medicine is beneficial in treating even the most dangerous illnesses and the best part is it is safe to use and does not contain any chemicals in it which may cause many other diseases. The herbal medicine is in use for ages and is the one of the oldest medicinal science. Hence it is the trusted one amongst other medicinal science, to not only help the symptoms of a disease to vanish but also cure the disease naturally of its roots. In some cases, herbal medicines are cheaper as a comparison to chemical counterparts. Sometimes, herbal medicine may give result slowly while treating a disease but it will give the most effective result in preventing the same disease to attack again in near future to the same person. Herbal medicine has some really great advantage included in it without having chemical composition. In Allopathy, all the chemicals that have been used to manufacture the drugs have side effects.

The range of curable diseases with herbal medicine is bigger and longer when compared to the curable diseases by a single drug. Allopathic is basically the normal medications that people take like paracetamol, crocin, augmentation and many other pills or syrup of allopathic medicine. These medicines mainly target a specific disease or for a particular cause in the body and work towards relieving it. Allopathic medicine is effective and sometimes it works way faster than the herbal medicine. For example, when you are suffering from a headache, an allopathic medicine will cure the pain faster than herbal medicine. This is the reason that makes people choose allopathy over herbal medicine. apart from these, there are situations when people can not get advised to consume herbal medicine like when someone is at the last stage of cancer because in these cases patient needs immediate and quick treatment. Just to treat the problem quickly and this can be dangerous. Only in these cases, herbs are not advisable to take.

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On the other side of allopathic medicine, allopathic medicine is very addictive and can be the reason for most harmful side effects that may cause than being useful. There are many incidents as such where people got into the addiction of painkillers where they had to choose to go to the rehab for therapy. Sometimes these medicines just don’t work and are ineffective while treating the disease completely. In many cases, herbal medicines have shown effective and trusted result while curing the diseases without any side effects.

In the final conclusion, herbal medicine is always the best option to go with and is beneficial since the main goal of the herbal medicines is just to cure the disease. It is easily available in the market and can be used to effectively deal with a very large range of diseases, for whom even allopathy doesn’t have an answer and you cannot rely on allopathic medicine. The herbal medicine is on this earth from an unknown period of time and is getting used ever since. This is why people are going and opting more towards herbal medicine than any other medicinal option. They are extremely cheap and they do not have any side effects. There is the downside of both the medicine but because herbal doesn’t contain any side effects so you can be ensured that it won’t give any side effects and cure the problem. homeopathic treatment. So it is always advisable to go with herbal medicine than to any other medicine because it will give the most natural result without any side effects and is the cheapest option which is easily available to cure most of the problem.